How to Write an Effective Blog Post Heading

Blogging and content marketing strategy have become synonymous with marketing today. Most, if not all, of your customers will actively seek information online before ever engaging with you or your brand.

To reach these customers you may consider blogging. But simply writing good content is not enough. To make sure people read your content you need to make sure they open it!

This is why knowing how to write an effective blog post heading is so important. Headings are what sell blog content! They represent the content in search engines, on social media and in email.

Writing effective blog post heading

The following are some insightful tips on writing blog post headings that are effective:

It should be engaging

how to write an effective blog post heading - engaging headingA good blog post title ought to be emphatic, intriguing or actionable. How to titles are good examples of actionable blog post headings, this is because it informs readers on what the article is going to tell/inform them about.

Emphatic blog post headings make bold claims and utilize edgy language that compels readers to click on the title.

On the other hand, intriguing titles create ambiguity and a sense of strangeness in blog post headings. It is the intrigue that makes people to read on and try to find out precisely what happens.

Set the right expectations

The heading of a blog post should be more descriptive compared to a magazine article’s title. This is because blog post headings are seen in search results without additional information while magazine articles present everything to the reader i.e. captions, images etc to help them make a decision as to whether or not to read on.

This means that effective blog post headings must strive harder to convey the content of the article. However, it should not be a jaw-dropping headline that entices people but has very little to do with the content.

When the expectations of the reader fail to be met by the blog article, they might never visit the blog again due to the bad experience.

It should be brief and sweet

How to Write an Effective Blog Post Heading - BriefThe blog post heading should be restricted to the 70 characters display limit of Google because it will be utilized as the title tag which appears in search results. Keeping it within the display limitation will ensure that it appears in the SERPs thus encouraging readers to click on it.

Furthermore, blog post headings of such a length can comfortably fit in a tweet. In fact, seasoned bloggers advise that headings should be 8 words or even less.

Incorporate a keyword

The emphasis of effective blog post headings is to write for readers and not search engines. This means that it is advisable to give some thought to what prospective readers are looking for and include one or even two keywords in the heading. This will help the blog post to be ranked well in searches that it deserves to be found.

Learn from other people

Look at the titles being used by other people and try to do it better. Try finding out titles that worked best for other people and the angles they used. After coming up with some provisional title ideas, run them by a colleague so that you can get a sense of the most effective one.

You should then track and measure the person of different headings to see what works best on your blog and for your audience.

Make the use of numbers

Many blog post headings start with numbers as they effectively entice readers to click. Adding numbers either through a suffix or a prefix makes a heading quite impactful and is guaranteed to immediately capture the attention of the reader.

Numbers have the desired effect of transforming and optimizing blog post headings to make it increasingly engaging. Also, as a bonus tip odd numbers usually drive more engagement that even numbers.

Use of an active voice

Addressing the audience in a direct manner in blog post headings is essential in luring them in as well as in keeping them engaged. Using an active voice will make the heading feel much livelier and will assist in making readers feel that you are indeed on the same side as them.

Post title generators / analyzers

There are tools that have been specifically created to generate great blog post headings. Two notable tools are Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer and SEOPressor’s Title Generator.

These tools allow the use to create and check the potential effectiveness of their blog post titles. They are especially helpful if you are trying to compare two or three different title variations you had in mind.

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