The Benefits of Blogging for Startups

For startups Blogging can be an effective way of generating traffic and interest in your product or service. In today’s post we sit down with Paul Towers, the founder of a free task management application called Task Pigeon, to outline the key benefits of blogging as a startup

Starting a business is without doubt a challenging task. Among other things, you have to figure out how you will penetrate the market and establish your brand. Then you have to worry about making a profit from the sale of your products or services.

Blogging can go a long way in helping you overcome both these challenges. If you form the habit of writing about the things you are passionate about, you will open many new doors for your business.

It doesn’t take much to sit down and write an article about your business, but it can bring your small business plenty of benefits. For today’s article we reached out to Paul Towers, the founder of a free task management application called Task Pigeon.

Paul is an active blogger and helped us together a list of benefits that come from blogging for startups:

Create Awareness for Your Brand

Benefits of Blogging for Startups - Awareness

The internet is home to thousands of websites, and making yours stand out can be something of a challenge. Many other businesses are using websites to market themselves, which makes the task of making yours unique a difficult one.

Through blogging, you get to share a personal aspect of your business, which is not something most businesses do. It is through this that you establish your brand on the internet and build a community of loyal followers.

As a startup business, you certainly don’t have that many resources to spend on advertising. At this stage, advertisements through the press are far out of your reach, so building brand awareness can be a hard task. But blogging is free: all it takes is a little time and good writing skills, and you are on your way to making your brand a household name (at least within a specific niche).

Sell the Benefits of Your Product/ Service

Blogs shouldn’t be a place to just pitch your products or service, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t promote your products subtly through your blogs. Your central focus when blogging should be sharing useful information to your readers. However, you can point to your products or services for illustrations.

You should recognize that people will only visit your blog if they can learn something new with every post, so keep your marketing to a bare minimum. Pitching your products all the time will invariably put off some of your readers much to the detriment of your business.

It’s a Channel for People to Provide Feedback

Benefits of Blogging for Startups - Feedback

Feedback is an integral part of growth for business. You can only know what people think of your product or service if you provide a channel for them to share their opinion, and blogging is one such channel.

Encourage your readers to share their thoughts on both your products or services and your blogs. Embrace the various opinions that will come, both the good and the bad.

Take keen note of what the critics have to say. Often, it is through constructive criticism that you will learn what doesn’t work and where you need to improve. If you work on your faults, you are certainly on your way to creating a perfect product or offering just the right service.

You can also get a lot of insight regarding your chosen business from the feedback you get from your blogs. Pay attention and you will learn a lot.

You can position Yourself as an Industry Expert

Blogging also gives you a chance to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. You earn the respect and attention of the internet community by sharing helpful and useful information with your readers.

Once people learn to look up to you, they are bound to remain loyal to your brand. After reading an educative piece on your blog post, guess what will be their choice product the next time they need a product you produce.

Blogging is Good for SEO

Optimizing your website may not be an easy task, but blogging can go a long way in putting you in the good books of search engines. This is because frequent blogging provides fresh content for search engines to rank, and this can improve your rank considerably. If you are keen to write only quality content, then you are likely to be ranked even better by search engines.

Additionally, blogging provides content for social media. As long as you write on different subjects consistently, you will never lack something to post on your social media pages.

Blogging for startups is a great way not just to build awareness of your business, but also to promote its growth. In case you were wondering whether or not to start blogging for your website, by all means go ahead and do it.

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