Task Pigeon Review For Serious Bloggers

If you are looking to up your content marketing game as a blogger, then you need to get organized!

It’s no longer good enough to keep everything stuck in your head. You need a process for turning ideas into drafts, into published content and then on to something you promote to your subscribers or across social.

That’s where Task Pigeon has recently been stepping in for me. Essentially, Task Pigeon is a free and easy to use task management tool that makes it easy to track everything you are working on.

Not only that, they have a new marketplace feature, where you can outsource tasks with a few clicks. I think this could be handy if you want to work with a VA to identify guest posting opportunities or to assist with social media promotion of your new content.

Getting Started

The first thing you want to do with Task Pigeon is choose the dashboard view that works best for you. For bloggers and content marketers I like the Kanban Board layout as it allows me to organize blog posts across the following categories:

  • Blog Post Ideas
  • Blog Posts to Write
  • Blog Posts (Drafts)
  • Blog Posts (Final)
  • Blog Posts to Publish
  • Blog Posts to Promote

This provides a fairly simple and easy to follow process. With the Kanban Board view in Task Pigeon you then essentially drag the task from one column to the next as it moves through your workflow.

task management software for serious bloggers image 2

Taking Advantage of All The Features

The free tier of Task Pigeon is great and provides everything you need to track and manage tasks. If you want a bit more flexibility the paid plan is only $9 per user per month and provides access to a number of premium features. Two in particular that I got a lot of use out of are:

  • Checklist tasks where you can break a larger task down into a series of smaller steps. For example: Keyword research, initial framing of the article, 1st draft, 2nd draft, image selection
  • Zapier Integration – I used this a lot as it allowed me to forward emails to Task Pigeon and have them turn into tasks. I get a lot of guest post submissions, most of which I ignore. So being able to turn them into tasks and make sure I follow up on them is a big improvement for me.

Overall Thoughts

Overall Task Pigeon is simple to use. But that doesn’t mean it is too simple, or that you are missing features. In fact there wasn’t anything else I felt I need in the tool.

There are a few areas of slight improvement that I think you take it up another notch. These include document previews and a place where I could view my files independently of a task.

Other than that though its a comprehensive tool that I would rate 4.5 out of 5 stars for those keeping track at home. I only used it as an individual, but I can see that it would be well suited to small to medium teams as well.

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