How To Outsource Blog Writing – Finding Content Creators on iWriter

If you run a business or ever been a part of one, you’d be well aware of the power of content. You need it at every step of your business. Be it documentation or promotion material, a whole website or About us page, your company blog or your social media network, Content is king when it comes to having an effective marketing strategy.

Content is king. You cannot deny that. You need it in also every aspect of your business. Often, however, hiring a team is not an option if you’re a startup or a small business. You need to outsource it at some point.

Finding freelancers is hard. It’s like finding needle in a haystack. Thanks to the internet. There’s a plethora of online content writing platforms that connect people to professional writers for getting job done.

One such platform is iWriter. iWriter is an online platform that connects businesses looking for copywriters, blog writers and professional authors to their perfect match. If you’re looking for someone to writer blog posts, copy write an article or even an eBook then iWriter is a site worth looking at.

Many of my clients use iWriter for getting their press releases done, as well as augmenting their own blog writing efforts with additional content.

How to outsource blog writing to iWriter - the process
While iWriter is a by and large a great website for getting good content, there are always pro’s and con’s to any service.

iWriter Pros:

  • iWriter provides an easy to use interface that can have someone writing your blog post in minutes.
  • The prices are fairly low for good quality articles to be delivered.
  • Fairly cooperative support system
  • Justified policies if you don’t like the article by the writer you can ask for it to be re-written/
  • Direct upload to WordPress blogs.

iWriter Cons:

  • Finding a good quality writer takes a lot of time.
  • Payment only goes through PayPal. You cannot accept payment if you don’t have a bank account.

How to use iWriter to get good content?

If you are thinking about using iWriter it’s fairly easy to get started:

  1. Set up your account on iWriter first of all. Fill up your basic details like First Name, Last name, Email id and all the necessary details on the first page. Once you’re done with the formalities, you will have to verify your email by clicking on the email link.
  2. Next step is to post your job and this is the most important part. You have to take every part seriously because posting a job properly will get you the right writer.
  3. Choose the type of project type that you want to get done. The options mentioned are article written’, article rewrite’ and eBook writing’. Describe your project in project description in the next step. Define the topic of your article here.Order content for your blog on iWriter
  4. Next is choosing the category from the list of categories mentioned. This is important because choosing the right category will show your article request to writers with experience in those areas.
  5. Define you article length and language you want your article to be written in. You have options of selecting from different mainstream languages in the next step. Choose the category you want to show your articles to depending on your budget. If you want a good quality article, submit it in the elite plus. For lower budget options, there is standard section.
  6. Describe the keywords and your budget for the article in the next step and after describing your tone for the article along with writing style. Be as thorough as possible while defining what you need.
  7. Add money in your iWriter account for the job and make it live.

Once a writer has picked up your article you will see that it is marked as in progress. Once it is complete you then have 72 hours to approve the blog post. You can also request a re-write or reject it all together. This is one of the main benefits of the platform. You can reject an article as many times as you like, helping make sure you get good quality content.

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