Best Blogging Platforms For Business

Blogging sites are really in demand right now because most consumers use the Internet to find relevant information about products and services through customer reviews, products reviews, and blogs.

It is therefore no wonder why many business owners are looking to establish a blog for their business. Some of the most trusted blogging platforms today include, Squarespace, Medium, Weebly, Wix, and Ghost.

WordPress is used by 25% of all websites on the internet. It should therefore come as no surprise that it is the default blogging platform of choice. Both for people logging to blog for business or just as a hobby.



  • One of the best blogging platforms in the market today.
  • Perfect for creating a professional blog because of its fantastic customization features and themes.
  • Wide variety of plugins and designs available (hundreds of theme houses and theme stores offering custom designs)
  • Helpful and friendly community for support.


  • Does not include hosting.
  • Can have a learning curve for a beginner.


Squarespace is also one of the best blogging platforms with user-friendly website hosting service and online website builder at only $8-$24 subscription fee a month.

It is a great website building solution not only for launching blogs but also for e-commerce stores and business websites. If you want an optimized and nice-looking website with blog incorporation, then Squarespace is the perfect blogging platform for you.


  • User-friendly interface and can be customized according to your needs and preference.
  • Custom domain (if paying a year in advance) and web hosting included.
  • No web design skills needed.
  • Helpful and friendly customer support available 24/7.
  • Content building through easy drag-and-drop.


  • It may get costly over time when adding up the cost of the monthly subscription.
  • If you just need a simple blog, this platform is too feature-rich and costly for you.


Wix is somehow similar to Squarspace, offering features like blog-building and website-building capabilities but with a slight difference in style and at a rate of $0-$18 a month.

This is best for users who have no in-depth knowledge and skills in web design. It is perfect for musicians, photographers, artists, and any blogger who wants to showcase his work in an effective and efficient manner.


  • There are over 50 designs you can choose from.
  • -Offers free plan.
  • -Online knowledge-based support


  • Limited customization capabilities.
  • -Blogging module is not configurable.


Medium is a good blog post publishing platform for your articles and stories, and is also free. This is a nice blogging platform for those writers who are looking forward to building their brand to get visitors to become instant readers on an existing platform rather than their own site.


  • No subscription fees. It is free!
  • User-friendly interface applicable to any level of expertise in web design.
  • Awesome typography settings.


  • No customization capabilities (all profiles look similar).
  • -Medium controls your blog posts publications.


Ghost is a hosted blogging platform with a rate of $8-$200 (depends on the number of blog posts) and a free downloadable blogging software.


  • One of the best up and coming blog platforms.
  • Has a clear publishing and writing interface.
  • SEO optimized.


  • It is not fully customizable like WordPress.


Weebly is a trusted, reliable, robust, and user-friendly website builder that uses an easy drag and drop interface. Even if you have little technical knowledge, you can use Weebly with ease with a rate starting at $8 per month.


  • -It is a user-friendly website builder.
  • Trendy and good selection of template designs.
  • Over 40 pre-set page layouts for beginners.


  • -Customized option templates are limited.
  • -Slow-paced innovative features introduction (once or twice only per year).
  • -Primitive blogging functions as reported by some users.


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